Position your Career/Brand
For Success

 Instead of waiting for your work to speak for you, sometimes you just need to speak for yourself 

and show what you have achieved.

In this book, we share our experience gathered from photographing over 1500 career professionals, business owners, and over 20 corporate organizations, the best strategies for standing out in your career/business for over 7 years. 

This book is for you if: 

  • You are a career professional seeking to build a personal brand, and you are not sure how or don’t feel confident enough to start. 
  • You’ve been thinking of overhauling your entire personal brand and images? Here’s your sign.
  • You already have an established online presence and are looking for images and guidance that radically shift the perception of your audience and start attracting high level roles/businesses you’ve been longing for. 

What Our Clients Say About Us...

I was recently promoted on the job, so the photos came at a great time. 

I was able to position myself with good visibility with the photos, and I also gained a brighter level of self-confidence and esteem. 

Plus I got a speaking engagement and I was able to use the photos as my headshot. It seems like everything is aligning!