Gazmadu Studios is an award winning Photography company that specialises in Timeless Portraits and Documentary Wedding Photography

We are a team of Photographers & Creatives called to shed light on the lives of people through the power of photography

Our mission is to see beauty in everyone and create the images that empowers, transforms inspires and changes the way they see themselves thereby amplifying their true essence.

Our vision is to be a “Distinguished photography company in Africa, that is committed to building relationships, celebrating beauty and love in everyone through timeless works or art

As a  photographer with over nine years of experience, I understand what it feels like to feel not Seen…..not Loved…..not Heard… and not Photographed as the person that you truly are and becoming.

My name is Yagazie Eguare, i am the founder and Lead Creative of Gazmadu Studios.

My Journey towards creating images of people started 9years ago as a young Optometrist, right in the middle of my confusion about the direction to go with my life

I was still a very amateur photographer and i asked my friend if i could practice my new skills and photograph her. She gladly obliged to my excitement😀
I did her makeup and went on to photograph her in the different ways i knew how to at the time. .

When i sent the images to her…she didn’t stop screaming, thanking me and talking about how the images completely changed the way she saw her self. In her own words, “I have never ever seen myself as beautiful until now ”

Those words broke me and brought joy to my soul.
I thought….How could i have seen so much beauty in you and you’ve never seen or known that for yourself? 😲

It was at that point i discovered that the thing I thought was just a hobby was indeed ALL I wanted to do. Very few things give me more joy than been called a Photographer😀

That indeed was the beginning of my journey towards Celebrating Love and Empowering Everyday People through Beautiful, Emotive & Timeless Images. .

I have an incredible team and together we are completely changing the narrative of what images can do.

We fully understand the gravity of this task, how valuable it is, so thankful we get to be used by God and most importantly NEVER take it for granted. .

Yagazie Eguare

Founder + Lead Creative

1. I am driven by my deep Love for God, my family, People and a passion for excellence & integrity

2. I am passionate about raising people, teaching and impacting lives. I do this for other Photographers through the educational arm of our work

3. I have a very CONTAGIOUS and charming smile…and I Love it!

4.I’m a sucker for beautiful LOVE stories(i still find myself shedding a few tears at every wedding i photograph),

Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to have your own Photoshoot?

Choice Okweku

Head Photographer

Photography, to me, is much more than clicking a camera or directing a pose. It’s forming a connection, a rhythm with the person in front of your camera, creating an experience and images that completely transforms them and empowers them to step out and become.


We Plan Your Session With You in mind.

A beautiful timeless images takes a personalised experience as we do our best not to create generic images.

We understand people’s brands and personalities are different so we tailor our experiences for the client’s specific needs and ensure the images we create tell their unique story.

Because your session is truly unique, we start with in-depth planning to get to know YOUR desires, goals and how you’d like to be photographed first. Then we’ll create a personalised experience so you have a seamless and stress-free session creating the best images you’ve ever seen of yourself, guiding you every step of the process

Its more than pictures.

Its an experience that completely transforms the way you see yourself, empowering you to become the best version of your self and allows you to show up powerfully for your brand.

Are you ready to have images captures your true essence?

You are a beautiful work of art and deserve to have the best images of yourself.

We’d create world class, timeless, empowering images that awakens you Soul to all you are, all you’ve called whilst giving you an unforgettable, stress free experience

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