Who We Are

GazMadu Studios is a premium photography company that specializes in timeless portraits, documentary photography for weddings and corporate organisations including world-class education resources for creatives and the photography community.
We are a team of creatives and photographers who are changing the narrative of photography in Africa through timeless works of art and world-class education resources for creatives. At GazMadu studios, we inspire, transform, and empower people through our images.

Yagazie Eguare

Gazmadu Studios

Yagazie Eguare is a published photographer, an Educator and a leader within the creative industry. Over the course of her career as a professional photographer, she has been known for capturing images that help people feel seen, loved, celebrated and empowered to be more. 
Her unique portrait style is enabling thousands of clients to change the way they see themselves so they recognize the endless possibilities of what they can do, have, or become. Drawing on her breadth of experience from building an internationally recognised photography brand, Yagazie is also on a mission to elevate the perspectives people have on photography in Africa and the value and contribution of creatives of African descent. This is why she founded the Gazmadu Education platform – a trailblazing education platform equipping and empowering creatives across Africa to enhance their skills and build successful, thriving businesses so they can impact the world with their distinct gifts and talents. 

She has been featured and recognized on several notable platforms both nationally and internationally.
At Yagazie’s core is a desire to consistently walk in God’s purpose for her life, represent and expand God’s kingdom in the marketplace by building a global brand that tells trans-generational stories while maintaining the things most dear to her heart.

Our journey so far... Our journey so far...
Our journey so far... Our journey so far...

Gazmadu Studios in its 7 years of existence has created images for over 1500 premium clients from all works of life who have been featured in notable publications such as

Photography journey began

The Journey Began

Yagazie started her journey as a photographer and launched “Gazmadu Photography” while working as an optometrist.


Followed her passion

Yagazie left her profession as an Optometrist to follow her passion for photography full-time. She specialised in weddings and portrait photography.


Gazmadu Studios Launched

Gazmadu Studios was incorporated and launched. Since then, it has been committed to ensuring individuals see their true essence, building lasting relationships, and celebrating beauty and love through timeless photographs.

Gazmadu Education

Gazmadu Education Began

The Educational arm of Gazmadu Studios “Gazmadu Education” was launched and has imparted over 9000 photographers and creatives to date.


Launched Operations in Ghana

Gazmadu Studios Launched her operations within the African market with her first project in Ghana.

corporate organizations we have worked with:

We Live and breath our values, creating “One Gazmadu ” experience consistently around the world

Our Values

Customer first

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, they are why we are here, and we wouldn’t exist without them.


We are agile and action orientated; we keep things simple, deliver at pace, and overachieve.

do the right thing

Our colleagues are aligned, and we trust each other to do the right thing to enable our customers to succeed..

make a difference

Gazmadu is a great place to work, and our colleagues make a positive difference in our communities by promoting body positivity and relentlessly supporting our customers.


We create new ways of doing things and deliver innovative solutions

excellence focus

Excellence is the key to delivering value for money to our customers. We will make excellence a driving value in our work, in our service, and in our interactions with others. We will do ‘First Time Right.

What we Believe

We believe that something really powerful happens when you see yourself in a new light. That’s why the impact of every image we create transcends what is captured in the studio. Our images help people

Shift the way they see themselves

Love & Celebrate themselves

See the endless possibilities of all they can do, have or become.

Our timeless works of art will shift your perspective, enabling you to see the world and your unique place in it.

Gazmadu Studios - personal branding

You are not just a photographer, you help women and men see themselves through God’s eyes which is the most powerful calling ever

Oh my! Thank you so much Gaz, thank you for being a blessing to humanity. You are not just a photographer, you help women and men see themselves through God’s eyes which is the most powerful calling ever. Thank you for reminding me of the promise and purpose of God for my life, your pictures speak to me words long forgotten. Thank you.

Have you ever desired to feel beautifully photographed in a way that reveals your true personality and essence irrespective of your age, size or race?



ACE Team

Yagazie Eguare - CEO Gazmadu Studios

Yagazie Eguare


Yagazie Eguare is a renowned professional photographer, a creative force, an educator, and a leader within the photography industry who is changing the narrative of photography in Africa through her premium photography brand – GazMadu Studios.

Gazmadu Studios Staff

Ibukunoluwa Moses

Head Editor & Associate Photographer

Ibukunoluwa, an associate photographer, leads the editing team at Gazmadu Studios. He believes every image ought to reflect how you see yourself. He is passionate about helping the everyday person have an accurate and effective digital representation of themselves

Gazmadu Studios Staff

Choice Okweku

Head Photographer

Choice Okweku is the Head Photographer and Studio Manager at Gazmadu Studios. As aligned with the Gazmadu Studios Vision, She is passionate about seeing people, showing them the best, strongest version of themselves, and helping them show up authentically & powerfully.

Gazmadu Studios Staff

Zainab Egbewunmi

Associate Photographer

Zainab Egbewunmi is an associate photographer at Gazmadu Studios, an avid documentary photographer, and a passionate storyteller. When she is not chasing after subjects and stories at a Nigerian wedding/event, Zainab also serves as the Sales Manager at Gazmadu Studios, where she enjoys conversing with people, and helping them see better versions of themselves. 

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