Pregnancy Is A Big Deal!

Do you want images that celebrate and flatter your changing body while capturing the love and bond between you and your precious little one? Or are you worried that somehow you wouldn’t have a beautiful portrait of yourself that shows off your beauty and your bundle of joy?

Pregnancy can also be unpredictable, and nothing you read or hear ever prepares you for this life-changing journey. As precious as this season is for a woman, it takes a toll on them physically and mentally. Carrying a child changes a woman’s body, her mind, her heart, her life, and this transition and change can be scary and stressful.

Nearly 90% of expecting mums experience changes physically, mentally, emotionally during and after childbirth. Imagine setting aside an afternoon to do your hair, makeup and wearing something that makes you feel beautiful,
How incredibly therapeutic would that be?

Each Maternity Portrait collection includes:

  • A planning session prior to your photoshoot.
  • Our signature outfit planning guide.
  • Minimum of two hours of portrait experience with Gazmadu Studios
  • Beautiful, Timeless Images